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I’m 19 years old, I’m turning 20 in October, but apparently I look really young. Not like 16 or 17 but middle school young. so I was out of my uniform and leaving work and I guess there was a middle school field trip at my work because I had two parents come up to me and scold me about the ‘rules’ a...
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If any one of my followers are from Paris, I sincerely, sincerely hope you and your loved ones are all safe and sound.
For the record
Its not ‘born in the wrong body’ its ‘assigned the wrong gender at birth’ - lets try shifting the blame off the literally-seconds-old baby and onto the society with the outdated views of gender instead, mkay friendo
as you know, the immune system walks a fine line between being absolutely useless and killing you
knitting Wallace and Gromit the wrong trousers
@ porn blogs who keep following me
when anything goes slightly wrong
When you at the wrong party…
You’re doing it wrong.
“Exactly. So you see that part of Rihanna dancing with the guy? That is caribbean culture at its height. He was dancing, she saw him, she went to him, they had a dance together. At...
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When you are playing FIFA & you accidentally press the w...
do you ever get into a mood where you need like affection and cuteness but you resent that you have to ask for it so you end up just like sulking alone in your bed wishing someone would psychically know that you need cuddling 
  • Fan #1:That's a nice character. I wonder what they would be like if they lost everything that ever made them happy and also the world ended.
  • Fan #2:That's a nice character. I wonder what they're like with five different toys up their ass.
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Playing Cities: Skyline with only one house
Cities: Skyline is a massive city simulator, a la Sim City. Players are encouraged to invite as many people as possible into their city, and then balance economy, power, and space to make those people as happy and productive as possible.Chris Livingston thought it might be fun to do the opposite.Rat...