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m exo tao wushu
Just be amazed.
1k exo tao teaser exo m g zitao wushu gif:tao SCREAMS HE LOOKS SO GOOD no time to spazz omggg
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star wars jedi The Force wushu daisy ridley star wars cast
my gif exo tao interview exo m SOBBING zitao tao100gifs wushu envoy this is the biggest gif set i've ever made omg
my gif exo tao EXO-M Luhan Lay Kris Chen xiumin this badass will wushu your ass off
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my gif exo tao exo m mama zitao tao100gifs i will never get tired of seeing you perform your wushu zitao it always amazes me
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exo tao exo m Kris taoris mine: exo!gifs tao's wushu's performance...): i am rly worried about him afterwards he shouldn't have done wushu in such a slippery floor but at least he didn't show any signs of pain and ended the wushu with a smile but still..
my gif exo tao exo m mama ot12 zitao tao100gifs still sobbing omfg it was so perfect;;
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my gifs exo tao gif:exo exo m LOL FINALLY FINISHED. I WAS DOING HW TOO LOL HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUANG ZITAO :3 princess gucci
MAMA my WHAT THE FUCK fangirl version lmfao… i’m a sick fangirl sorr...
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  • plot twist:i have the money to go to south korea