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Fixed it
  • me:you just started following me
  • me:and this is crazy
  • me:but i'm going to spam you with my biases and cry over their perfection please don't unfollow me
Saw this on facebook and I kinda felt bad for the guy He’s just like “Just let me eat my goddamn popcorn” Stahp So close.. yet so far
pokemon wtf legendary wut
But if Harry straightend his hair the right way got himself a nice quiff and zayn lent him one of those ‘i’m a cute nerd’ glasses and he hipsterd up with a warm sweater and gloves thiS IS WHAT HE’D LOOK LIKE THAT COULD BE HARRY FREKIN STYLES
wolf watermelon wut
tom hiddleston LOOOL wut
tweet blondie wut
Ron Weasley and Holy Shit You’re Harry Potter Ron Weasley and Hold On Where Is My Sister Ron Weasley and What The Fuck My Rat Is Not A Rat Ron Weasley and Shit Do I Worship Or Do I Hate Viktor Krum Ron Weasley and That’s Right Bitches I’m A King Ron Weasley and Help There Are Too M...
so I’m at the rec right and I’m about to go for a run and I shit you not the guy in black is running and then he comes off the track to the guy in gray sweats and he’s like “ah, there you are” so he fucking picks the guy up and starts squatting him like and then he pu...
When you thought you got over an issue but you actually just repressed it
perks of being the “shy” kid in class: you hear some REALLY good gossip. and i think the reason for that is because since youre so quiet and all that people will think you are innocent and not listening. oh but im listening. im listening real well. i know how you really feel about your s...
gif cute creepy hands what wut googly eyes handsy great googly moogly nelsart
narry Harry and Niall wut wut Fucking Niall I swear
trippy Cool beautiful Awesome psychedelic omfg trippin wut
Deutsch liebe wut hass spruch Eifersucht wahr leider
taemin lol wut who made this
tweet aww daddy horan wut a qt