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WWAT Bogota Vines
Safety Measures Video (x) Opening Video (x/x/x/x) 1. Midnight Memories (x) 2. Little Black Dress (x/x) 3. Kiss You (x/x) Speech (x/x/x) 4. Why Don’t We Go There (x/x/x/x) 5. Rock Me (x) Speech (x) 6. Don’t Forget Where You Belong (x/x/x/x/x) 7. Live While We’re Young (x/x/x/x) 8. C’mon C’mon (x) 9. ...
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WWAT - Buenos Aires, Argentina. May 4th 2014. My experience.
Louis is the absolute favourite here, I can’t even begin to describe how much everyone SCREECHED whenever he sang or spoke or was spotted on the screen. Whenever his voice came up in the security measures tape everyone would scream so loud it would be impossible to understand what he said. Har...
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seeing your favorite band in concert is like a whole different experience bc everything you supported and put your heart and soul into becomes real
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