• x txf The X Files she gets me xf revival my fave part of this is the author's name is abby •
* gifs mine txf gillian anderson The X Files Dana Scully David Duchovny Fox Mulder minetxf ugh i think i'm going to go back to cs5 bc cs6 isn't agreeing with me~
truth aliens ET x files the truth is out there
gif horror TV alien x-files x files the x-files
One Direction Zayn Malik Niall Horan 1D Ziall zayn x niall lol i'm fine hbu even if this gets 5 notes idgac because these idiots mean a lot to me I just want to make you smile is that okay? never okay also apologies for the shit quality on some of these
this is Camila Cabello. She is a tumblr person who made it to the top 10 on the X factor.
Harry Styles God love of my life He's so precious hsgif rnd this is really sad actually it was the part where i sterted crying aha
ugh Mine 4 The Host max irons Saoirse Ronan WHAT IS THE SHIP NAME mygif 4 the host cast the host my gif saoirse x max maoirse ironan le me is le confused finally managed to upload this after hourse of this stupid tumblr error thingie
drawing Illustration art My art gillian anderson The X Files Dana Scully scully strong female characters
my gifs Mark Sheppard the x-files Cecil L'Ively
photoset the oc ryan atwood seth cohen adam brody ben mckenzie seth x ryan of course i bothered hannah with my annoying enthusiasm while making this photoset god she is so patient with me i miss these two idiots
gif Demi Lovato by me Panda humor frases The X Factor txf
urgent please help me.
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‘Beyonce covered Sex On Fire at glastonbury right?R...
the walking dead Rick Grimes andrea mine*twd rick x andrea otp: time to come back to life andrea love not so parallels but shhh i do what  i want let me live happy in my bubble where everything i see is rick x andrea and rainbows and puppies and everything hurts of course i cut out the ugly part because fuck you blake
mine good iron man tony stark The Avengers Captain America Steve x Tony Gif: Avengers steve rodgers what is the ship name for this IT TOOK ME SO LONG BUT I'M FINALLY DONE WITH THIS does it take up your whole dashboard
fire Smoking Mark Sheppard The X Files PUBLIC HEALTH HAZZARD season 1: The X Files my post: gif
my stuff meh The mentalist patrick jane dedicated to HUMOR ME my stuff: tm is that okay? character: patrick jane Not my thing okayyyyyyy roswells-spell because she asked me to make my fave caps of jane and i hate caps so i made gifs tsc tsc i'm lazy like that even tho working with caps would've been easier than edit gifs but also sorry for the delay i was trying to edit caps seriously but i couldn't so omg this has been a tag post