• yay •
gifs justin bieber yay YAY HD
cute yay Captain America avengers ralph wreck it ralph fandoms collide in yay omg I'm so happy right now
how am i meant to control my life i can’t even control my hair
yay Lk
  • Liam:I'm going to do a twitcam
  • Liam:and I'm going to strip
  • Liam:and I'll invite Niall
  • Liam:and invite Harry in oops he's naked
  • Liam:and I'll bring drunk Zayn in
  • Liam:maybe Louis too
  • Liam:wow that was a great time I hope you enjoy watching this after you get back from school
yay mydrawings mydrawing handlettering
where are my “if the world ends tomorrow then i want 2 tell u i love u” messages
not long until i hit 3000 followers 
edit yay yay yay org free! nanase haruka tachibana makoto makoharu harumako edit: MakoHaru edit: Free! it's weekend bb MAKOHARU FOR WEEKEND YAY 'boyfriends much' a drama about MakoHaru XD
  • justin bieber:*kills 50 people*
  • police:wtf
  • justin bieber:i didnt know it was illegal
  • police:haha it ok
but mom they aren’t strangers on the internet if we like the same music
petition to change the national anthem to drop it like its hot
m yay mrspale
people who think I’m beautiful: 1. nobody 2. nobody 3. nobody 4. nobody 5. my mom
reblog if you’re the fuck up of the family
if you’re having a rough day and dont feel like being alive, just remember that there is still so much new music to discover and puppies to pet and new people to meet and you’re just a star in a big galaxy and you’re doing so much better than you think so hang in there ok?
Niall Horan yay Lk
yay Lk
things i’ve learnt this week how to spell shia labeouf