• yeah i reblogged myself •
photography snake viper bush viper ~vejron72 african bush viper hairy bush viper yeah i reblogged myself
transparent SWIMMING ANIME free! reigisa yeah i just reblogged the thing and i already made one
* glee rachel berry finn hudson finchel finn x rachel this took so long fuck i hate myself inspired by the glee one i reblogged
mine carmilla natasha negovanlis carmillaedit i hate myself so not only am i watching it again but i'm making gifs now is that even a real tag that people use? natasha reblogged just in case i want to find it again
MY EDIT troy baker gifbaker I needed more of him on my blog and it seems I've already reblogged every post with him so yeah have some more of the hot troy baker
STANA KATIC: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I auditioned about nine times and then it came down to myself and ano...
1k ** i need help fifth harmony ally brooke work from home 5hedit fifthharmonyedit she's so hot i gtg (lauren reblogged this i'm crying???? hell yeah i am)
fat cutting ugly cuts scars i hate myself
doctor who mine 11th Doctor 12th doctor 10th doctor 9th Doctor dwedit the dw tumblr adipose reblogged this celebrating new who ...yeah i'm not tagging anything else HAPPY ANNIVERSARY NEW WHO HAVE A GIFSET THAT TOOK ME LIKE 3 DAYS AND IT GOT A SHINY OFFICIAL/CURATED TAG AAAH
my gif tangled meh brave The Big Four httyd rise of the guardians rise of the brave tangled dragons gifseries: the big four not so sure about this one but yeah; it was inspired by a gifset I reblogged not too long ago
myself fashion makeup Witch fuck that selfie hell yeah but not AHS floppy hat ftw I took this with my iphone
* 1000 500 3000 love of my life finnick odair thgedit thggif cfedit mjedit finnickodairedit in case you're wondering yeah i like to torture myself
the mighty boosh noel fielding old gregg kk I'm done with life yeah it's definitely nap time I love myself so much it's ridiculous jk but not really
depressed sad suicidal suicide lonely quotes pain Home alone broken school self harm yeah depressing hate myself i hate this leave me need help
mine sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch yay! Louise Brealey and yeah SherlockEdit sherlockmine sherlolly yeah i couldn't help myself and i got the hair ruffle and kiss (well some of the kiss) in one gif they need to kiss more often with hair ruffles
me mine DIY !! Arctic Monkeys pale hell yeah super rad imma right
The person I reblogged this from deserves to be happy.
The person I reblogged this from is gay