• yep that's it; that's my caption idc •
myungsoo woohyun sungyeol Idiots Hoya gif: Infinite wooya hoya pls all: infinite gif: wh gif: hy yep that's it; that's my caption idc this could be a wooya gifset LOL and hyun always goes along with it there are a lot more moments; also of others doing the punching; but hoya by far does it the most lol sigh the colouring took so long orz and it looks so messy @__@ this reminds me of that other gifset of hoya where he always gets carried leave him alone >:(
Larry Stylinson One Direction my stuff .gif i think that's why niall said 99% sure i don't wanna start any rumors tho idc im posting it anway~
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction gifs like HAHAHA yep harry and louis gif: one direction Oh Babe otp: my boy sometimes he hides it well other times annoyed full body sigh i think that's what jamie called it i need a better jealousy tag
gif music lyrics live caption 10 Luke Bryan that's my kind of night
does you know who i be does you listen to music do you watch tv DO YOU CARRY A LUNCH BOX
1k justin bieber MY EDIT 5k that's all idc if someone thinks that i'm thirsty for notes bc i'm not just posting some edits
true relatable yep that's me =P
watching the hannibal pilot watching the hannibal finale
that's it generation kill that's the show
booty booty booty booty booty booty booty booty booty booty booty booty?
thought process: niall looks cute what the fuck what tHE efuck? HARYR JUST TURNE D INTO LOUIS what THE /fuck/ does this bridge ever end why is harry so close to the camera W AHT TH EU CFUK what is happen ning WHERE ARE THESE BALLS COMING FROM aww louis can kick so high ben winston what the fuck
can't get over it So fucking funny ken lum that's my art prof in the image
Can we take a moment to appreciate the fandom writers? The ones who reduce us to tears, make us laugh out loud. Powerless to forget the chapter, the paragraph, the single line that touched us in ways we can’t articulate. Thank you, writers. For all the AUs, the WIPs, and the 50K fics that stil...
no one hates sam and dean more than they hate themselves no one loves sam and dean more than they love each other
Tour de Kalos that's my liveblogging tag
the office michael scott steve carell gif mine rainn wilson dwight schrute that's what she said jan levenson melora hardin yep this is what i spent my sunday night doing
A christian and an atheist walk into a bar. They procede to have a few drinks and enjoy each other’s company because they’re not pretentious assholes.
gif Yu Yu Hakusho yyh that's it that's the show
plot twist: teen wolf doesn’t actually air and we are left staring horrified at a blank screen until we lose our minds