• yep that's it; that's my caption idc •
myungsoo woohyun sungyeol Idiots Hoya gif: Infinite wooya hoya pls all: infinite gif: wh gif: hy yep that's it; that's my caption idc this could be a wooya gifset LOL and hyun always goes along with it there are a lot more moments; also of others doing the punching; but hoya by far does it the most lol sigh the colouring took so long orz and it looks so messy @__@ this reminds me of that other gifset of hoya where he always gets carried leave him alone >:(
NSFW afterlaughs my nsfw art yep that's it nsfw doodles afterlaughtersart hollstein
Larry Stylinson One Direction my stuff .gif i think that's why niall said 99% sure i don't wanna start any rumors tho idc im posting it anway~
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction gifs like HAHAHA yep harry and louis gif: one direction Oh Babe otp: my boy sometimes he hides it well other times annoyed full body sigh i think that's what jamie called it i need a better jealousy tag
gif music lyrics live caption 10 Luke Bryan that's my kind of night
santana lopez that's it Brittany Pierce brittana my gifs* that's all we got
does you know who i be does you listen to music do you watch tv DO YOU CARRY A LUNCH BOX
1k justin bieber MY EDIT 5k that's all idc if someone thinks that i'm thirsty for notes bc i'm not just posting some edits
true relatable yep that's me =P
You ever hear someone's laugh and you're just like "yep, that's the laugh I want to hear for the res...
That moment when you’re laying on your bedroom floor and you don’t want to get up because you know your life is falling apart and you don’t have the energy to fight anymore
weird lmfao gdragon idek gd hard g-dragon jiyong Kwon Jiyong mine: gif i suck And I was like mine: my edit mine: jiyong I WAS LITERALLY IN THE MIDDLE OF UPLOADING AND SUDDENLY MY BRAIN JUST SAYS /GO LAY DOWN WHILE YOU WAIT SINCE IT'LL TAKE A BIT/ /OKAY THAT'S A GOOD IDEA/ *5 hours later...* this is what happens all the time tbh and my brain failed to function to caption this so i'm thinking hard right now while talking i seriously don't know what to caption this like i was gonna go for charming boy but it sounds like and now i'm going with this lmao i just ended up calling him baby as usual OKAY SO I CHANGED IT TO CURRENT it still has the whole adorable thing but idc HE'S ADORABLE I'M TELLING THE TRUTH RIGHT it's too early for me to function lmao i should go back to sleep jiyong is the cutest it's final
that's it Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare oops wow I'm shit that's the play noot noot shakespeare is cute
watching the hannibal pilot watching the hannibal finale
* i'm not even posting it in the tags that's when you know it's real edit: i added caption on that first gif AND ko's 'oooooh that's your crush' look
animals hedgehog that's it that's the post
that's it generation kill that's the show
booty booty booty booty booty booty booty booty booty booty booty booty?