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I’ve spent 19 yrs teaching my daughter how not to be raped. How long have you spent teaching your son not to rape?
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Well, I don’t know who wrote this book, but you all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it okay for gu...
  • Middle School:I was called a dyke because I was athletic, because I preferred competing in gym class to not giving it my all. I was told I'd never find a boyfriend if I kept trying so hard in gym.
  • When I was a teen:I was stalked by a family friend who told me he cut himself because I wouldn't love him the way he wanted me to. When I told my parents, they told me it would pass.
  • I am a third degree black belt:And I have been touched by men who I told no. By law, I have to tell them I'm a black belt before I defend myself. A response I've heard? "Oh yeah? I like them feisty."
  • When I was in college:I had girls I hardly knew come up to me and ask me to help them stay away from a guy, or an ex boyfriend who wasn't taking the not so subtle hint of "no." I was told by one of these guys to "Fuck off bitch." and to mind my own business.
  • I am twenty-four:I cannot tell you the number of times I have been sexually harassed walking my dog in my neighborhood in the last 12 months. It doesn't matter what I've been wearing; a t-shirt and jeans, or my professional work clothes - I have still heard it. "Let me get that ass wet." "Baby, you got a man? Why he let you alone?" "Hey bitch! I'm talking to you!" "Come here, girlie, I want to show you something."
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  • Yes, all women:so what are YOU doing to stop it?
If someone were to bake 100 cookies, and poison only a single one, would you eat one? “But they’re not all going to kill you!” Chances are, you are still not gonna eat a cookie.
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It makes me fucking tired.
I was feeling profoundly depressed about the UCSB shootings and equally depressed about the number of men who just don’t get why women are horribly upset and scared by this. Then I found the #YesallWomen hashtag on twitter and it helped.Because, well, yes. Not all men are predators. But every ...
The first time a man slapped me on the ass, I was fourteen years old, bussing tables at a family restaurant. Catcalls make me jump out of m...
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Ya’ll should definitely check out this video. One of t...
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If more men said “don’t be that guy” to each other instead of “not all men” to women… what a wonderful w...