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tao thanks zitao yes pls ask him this kind of questions more im sure he has a lot of cute and precious things to tell us ppl hate him and he dont give a fuck. we all got it already we need new infos i think he meant six flags park here how the fuck disney land is scary??
myungsoo Dongwoo sobs cries jdwgif wEEPS YES HELLO IS THIS HEAVEN? YES YOU FORGOT TWO OF YOUR ANGELS ON THE SURFACE OF EARTH YES PLS COME PICK THEM UP B4 THEY RUIN MY LIFE they're just so kind and gentle and playful and caring and i l o v E ETHEm OS MUCh more like dw + soo with their own kind
  • 1. Are you happy?
  • 2. You've been given 2 million of your currency. Are you going to be careful with the money? What is the first thing you buy?
  • 3. Do you every get 'good morning' texts from anyone?
  • 4. If your significant other smoked pot, would you care?
  • 5. Do you get on well with your dad?
  • 6. What is your favourite season? Why?
  • 7. What was the worst moment of your life so far?
  • 8. Do people always deserve a second chance?
  • ...
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Super detailed questions about your OCs
1. What’s their full name? Why was that chosen? Does it mean anything? 2. Do they have any titles? How did they get them? 3. Did they have a good childhood? What are fond memories they have of it? What’s a bad memory? 4. What is their relationship with their parents? What’s a good and bad memory wi...
  • 1:If you were a tv producer and you had to choose 5 band members to live together for a reality show, who would you choose?
  • 2:If you had to get lyrics tattooed on your body, which lyrics would they be?
  • 3:Older music or newer music?
  • 4:What would you do if you worked at a restaurant and your favorite band showed up?
  • 5:Have you ever written a letter or given a gift to a band member?
  • 6:What 3 songs make you ridiculously happy?
  • 7:If you were in a band, what instrument would you play?
  • 8:Favorite band member of all time?
  • ...
Do we all agree that thinking about your ship being domestic is hnnnnnng? Ok. And I want to do an askbox meme. But I don’t like all the questions from the two usual domesticity memes. SO I compiled both, reorganized the questions, took away repeats, tweaked some of them, and added more questio...
1k Niall Horan * my gifs random 1D i love you :( Niall nialler set yes i know stylsniall what now any huh what now i know this hurts youre welcome big love yeh im so gone tho wow i mean look at him why is he like this jaskhdjfhkj wHY for credit pls ask me i couldnt think of a caption so couldnt put all links sorry:(
Parenting/Pregnancy Starters
“What do you mean there’s ____ of them!"  "You may want to sit down for this…"  "We used a condom, right?"  "I don’t think it’s mine.” “It’s not yours."  "We need to get to the hospital. Now."  "We&rs...
  • 1.Where and when was your first kiss?
  • 2.How long can you go without your phone?
  • 3.Last time you kissed someone, were your hands around their neck?
  • 4.Are you slowly drifting away from someone?
  • 5.Do you prefer warm or cold weather?
  • 6.Have you ever fallen asleep in someones arms?
  • 7.Do you still talk to the first person you kissed?
  • 8.Do you find it in your heart to forgive?
  • ...
Reblog if you are a writer of any kind and want to be asked these questions
If you see this post on your dash, put one of the following letters in the person’s ask box! A: What do you write?  Fanfiction, original fiction, nonfiction, articles, songs, poems, essays, plays, what? B: How often do you write? C: Who is your favorite character of your own?  Who is your favo...
Reblog If You Are A Writer Of Any Kind And Want To Be Asked These Questions
A: What do you write?  Fanfiction, original fiction, nonfiction, articles, songs, poems, essays, plays, what? B: How often do you write? C: Who is your favorite character of your own?  Who is your favorite character created by somebody else?  Why? D: If you had the choice of going without writing fo...
  • 1. Who was the last person you held hands with?
  • 2. Are you outgoing or shy?
  • 3. Who are you looking forward to seeing?
  • 4. Are you easy to get alone with?
  • 5. If you were drunk would the person you like take care of you?
  • 6. What kind of people are you attracted to?
  • 7. Do you think you’ll be in a relationship two months from now?
  • 8. Who from the opposite gender is on your mind?
  • ...
  • 1. What do you search for in a partner?
  • 2. What do you hate about relationships?
  • 3. What do you like about relationships?
  • 4. Do you get jealous easily?
  • 5. Have you ever had a jealous partner?
  • 6. Where is the best place to go for a date?
  • 7. Where is the worst place to go for a date?
  • 8. What is the best thing to do on date?
  • ...
Productivity Resource List!*
*All these are free. Just sayin’.WebsitesBlank Slate  // Lets you type notes straight into your browser. Can save notes, export into Google Docs or pdf. Recommend pinning as a tab so it’s always available for a quick note.Convert Files // Convert files online to a different file type.PDFescape // PD...
  • 1. What did you dream about last night?
  • 2. Have you ever had your heart broken?
  • 3. Have you ever broken someone else's heart?
  • 4. Got a crush on anyone?
  • 5. Do you dress differently when you go to a party?
  • 6. Do you drink?
  • 7. Do you smoke?
  • 8. What turns you on?
  • ...
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