• yes there's a bunch of stuff missing in between the pages •
Illustration comic masterpost artists on tumblr compilation picolo icarus and the sun read in order yes there's a bunch of stuff missing in between the pages this is not over yet! thanks for supporting this series created an album on facebook might as well create a post to organize all the little parts of the story
comic: captain america I'm not sure of the room placement There's a tv in there and a bunch of momentos That's not the only question here Why does he have a signed helmet from his best friend at all?
doctor who karen gillan matt smith dw David Tennant Catherine Tate Billie Piper Alex Kingston Christopher Eccleston Freema Agyeman I made this CE fã AK ms ct bp DT KG jenna louise coleman jlc what a bunch of attractive idiots i know there's rory and jack and people missing but i didn't wanna do a massive gifset tbh
rae talks homestuck/ pippa6100 you're lucky i went to my blog and checked the notes after my nap bc that damn photoset took off now there's a bunch of people informing me of WHY aranea didn't restore his eyesight i'm sure there's a logical reason and i'm sure it'll come up again later bc hussie doesn't just forget stuff like this but come on i'm allow
photoset 5k sophie turner they're so cute maisie williams i've already made a maisie/sophie vine/instagram gifset but there's so much more cute stuff since then like maisie casually laying between sophie's legs in the fourth one and the casual cuddling on the train in the eighth one
My art undertale Napstablook mettaton I'm doodling a bunch of stuff before going to sleep and here's one of the things
(: my stuff* spnedit my stuff*spn deanwinchestersheart fallencassbutt casfallsinlove jensackles ah i know there's a bunch of these already but haPPY (almost) BIRTHDAY
the hobbit LOTR legolas elves Thranduil i have a mighty need himi!art GODDAMN ELVES I'M NOT CRYING THERE'S A CROWN IN MY EYE sure dad sure NO BUT THE EXTENT OF MY NEED FOR PAPAWOLF!THRANDUIL KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES also still figuring out what am i trying to accomplish here with digital sketchy paintings yes kinda maybe getting somewhere tho idk STILL SO MUCH STUFF TO WORK ON
wtnv carlos the scientist Hiram McDaniels cecil palmer earl harlan wow sorry but im not going to tag everyone im too lazy to write out everyone in here there's also a bunch of characters i didn't include because dang night vale has A LOT of characters
batman bruce wayne dc comics frank miller tdkr The dark knight returns Lynn Varley Klaus Janson batman: the dark knight returns You know I tried really hard to give this a sense of pace in each image and I blatantly failed and I had to leave a bunch of stuff out which was disappointing too It's very hard to represent the whole story in just ten images so you should probably read it but I didn't necessarily want to give a false sense of what the book is about either? I dunno I've been switching between images for ages and I'm bored now so out into the world you go
Larry Stylinson lourry hario and louigi i just had to talk about my thoughts on this
myedits queued Yoon Zeno yona jae ha akatsuki no yona son hak Yona of the Dawn Soo Won Kija shin ah ....maybe ed: akayona i think im just going to start posting my graphics on my main blog now since i haven't been making them a lot anymore there's really no point in having a graphics blog haha anyways this one is a pretty old graphic that's been rotting in my drafts its about time i get rid of it and hopefully get some inspiration to make stuff for this seasons anime shows
gif Smoking my stuff team fortress 2 tf2 spy rotoscope I haven't been drawing this much since MONTHS Thanks TF2.
1k my stuff 5k 500 100 50 word count ao3 toastystats date posted popularity metrics toast posts with the most toaster posters with the moster toastest postests with the mostest
1k mine game of thrones jon snow Gendry Waters mine: got ramsay bolton gotedit ellaria sand gotjonsnow gotgendry gotramsaybolton gotellariasand the quality difference between the bastard video scenes and my episodes is ridiculous but oh wellll and yes there's a reason ramsay is at last because this quote doesn't fit to him rugh idk i'll shut up i just really liked the video
my stuff dean winchester sam winchester Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki OTP: The epic love story of sam and dean this has been in my drafts folder for 2 months now i don't really like it that much because it seems like something is missing but i need to clear out my drafts folder so i'm going to post this you're my queue and there's nothing i wouldn't do for you
books Reading my books a bunch of books open your pages and fly
zhou mi you adorable little shit sunshine smile itc yes i'm still making gifs of this ep and there's a lot in line gad i told you i can gif the whole ep your smile bb on another note i still can't watch swing on youko so yes im stuck with these gifs
blood my stuff again Fullmetal Alchemist fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood body horror there's too much hohenheim in this but i'm not sorry this series means a lot to me between the death of my grandfather and his funeral i watched this for the 3rd or 4th time and it helped me forget about things if any of you haven't watched this then srsly you gotta do that immediately but watch the 2003 version too