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You're the cure and the pain
harry potter my photoset hp marauders i did a thing the best of tumblr
* The X Files David Duchovny x files Fox Mulder you're pretty txfedit
True Art
to be honest i have no idea what this composition is supposed to be laughs just felt like drawing a lot of clouds laundry fresh out of the dryer is the best thing!! seriously considering washing other things tomorrow just for the heck of it cackles this past week was really tiring!! had our first be design pitch and it took a long time to decide what sort of project we wanted to work on also if you're wondering why the little cloaked figure isn't on the steps it's because she used the skyrim method of traveling (basically taking every other path except the stairs am I right) i remember trying all sorts of shortcuts in that game just to save time snorts edit: also tfw you see people reposting your artwork within 30 minutes of uploading it???? maybe i should start adding watermarks ugh I really don't like adding them though regardless hope you guys are doing okay!! it always makes me happy to see my art is helping you feel better somehow
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1k gifs because they're adorable jtv jane villanueva jtvedit michael cordero jane x michael michael x jane otp: i love you because you're my best friend
mygifs ** stiles stilinski lydia martin stydia twedit otp: you're the one stydiaedit fyteenwolf STYDIA IS REAL
My art opm one punch man saigenos genosai 15k followers omfg it's time to bring the hot stuff thank you for following I'm so glad you're here
my gifs mine m q you're welcome Farscape John Crichton farscapeedit myfarscape* mysw* i'm so impressed by the similarity of expression in row four if you're having a bad christmas please imagine john taking his two kids d'argo and leslie olivia to see the force awakens
in 20-30 years we’re going to have a diverse cast of landlords, capitalists, businessmen, congressional representatives whose identities span all across the racial, gender, sexual orientation, ability spectra borne of social justice activism while the masses still remain in poverty
mine the graham norton show John Boyega swedit daisy ridley swcastedit daisyridleyedit johnboyegaedit john boyega aka huge neeerrrddd also you're such a funny man
I can’t stress this enough, I don’t care if you think you’re a “gender critical radical feminist” or not, I don’t care if you think you support trans womenIf you subscribe to the notions thatTrans women can somehow be lumped into a coclass with men in any way shape or form or are part of the class o...
1k * YOU'RE THE WORST gretchen cutler jimmy shive overly ytwedit
so I am not sure if the captain america fandom knows that “hydra” is also the name of an open source digital repository framework (like, it’s the architecture that certain museum/archive/library collections databases are built on) but on an unrelated note, I am not allowed to dram...
1k mine the walking dead Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln twdedit church of rick grimes thank you so much mily for this quote you're the best
* YOU'RE THE WORST gretchen cutler jimmy shive overly ytw* gretchen x jimmy THIS I S TOO MUCH
memes Tubbs neko atsume garfielf I DID IT YOU'RE WELCOME the madame's art
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