• you're so precious •
* Benedict Cumberbatch my baby GIFst ~YOU'RE SO PRECIOUS
1k gifs my stuff tiffany snsd BABY GIRL tiffany hwang you're so precious
japan kristen stewart bear gifs mine bernie you're so precious Sukkiri Show breaking dawn part 2 promo so cuteeee
1k mygif Sandra Bullock you are a precious angel you're just so wonderful and i'm so thankful you exist
gifs* lupita nyong'o lupitaedit i believe that's a tag omg you're so adorable and this doesn't do you justice this is awful i'm so sorry my precious angel
my gif Elijah Wood you're so precious
my gifs 1000 new oh my god Dylan O'Brien you're so cute and precious my little perfect human being
austin carlile of mice & men i hate you you're so precious oh gOD AUSTIN i want to be at warped for u too
* amy poehler you're so precious amy^ apoehler her reaction to it in the first one amyyyyyyyy :)))))
i love you *mine *edit snk ilu so much you're so precious snk spoilers *snk Ymir *snkedit dsfghsk happy birthday bby i love you sososososososo much you're my queen and my goddess and my everything AND MY ANIME SELF you're so selfless and you deserve everything ahh i just want you to be happy ;v; ymirbday
1k Zayn Malik mine Zayn 500 you're so precious and beautiful and sweet and goofy and sensitive yet edgy and intense and deep oh man i just love you so much so much so much so fucking much
louis tomlinson 1k pm mine** you're so perfect o m g
gif mine happy birthday naruto ;A; naruto uzumaki naruto gif uzumaki Uzumaki Naruto mine: naruto omg I'm so late at making something it's so horrible as well you're so precious Naruto
mine Graphic legend of korra the legend of korra ikki lok tenzin Just look at them meelo jinora Pema best family ever Tenzin and Pema are so cute together meelo you perffeecctttt <3 Jinora and Ikki my lovelies you're so precious
Someone come cry with me. I just watched this fancam and you can see Jimin just quietly sitting next to Namjoon during BigBang’s performance, not talking or moving really, even though we know he’s a massive BB fan. We’ve talked a lot about how Jimin always seem to be the one most sensitive to the me...
1k gdragon gd g-dragon jiyong Kwon Jiyong mine: gif mine: my edit mine: jiyong i just want to hug you you're such a precious one love love love your smile you smile like this more these days i just can't help but smile along or just grin whenever i see it so carefree and all ^__________^ your smile is the most precious baby
*gifs *edit Tokyo Ghoul MY PRECIOUS CHILD Tokyo Kushu suzuya juuzou tg spoilers tokyo ghoul root a *tg edit tokyo ghoul a you're so adorable i want to pet your face
* blaine anderson angel baby sweetie pie honey bunch lamb chop punkin baby cakes you're so perfect i love you my kawaii angel prince of television you little precious potato say dumb things all the time ily more like perfect
my stuff les miserables Eddie Redmayne you're so precious