• you are your own best friend •
I will love myself for all the times you didn’t
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When Some one Ask's What you & your Best Friend Are Talking about.
The way your best friend knows when you are lying
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You should be treating yourself like you are your own best friend.
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Be yourself loner spirituality Spiritual new earth you are amazing you are awesome do your own thing you are all beautiful be your own person New Paradigm
When you and your best friend see someone hot
love mine
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__________, are you there? It’s me.Your best friend.
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I fucking love it yesssssss No matter how you feel about your own art Keep drawing and showing me things
The last gif of someone dancing is how you dance at your best friend's wedding.
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When you are sick and your parents give/ask what you want.
That moment when you are trying to cheer up your friend