• you don't have to be perfect •
Reblog if you agree that trans men don't have to be 'manly' or trans women don't have to be 'feminin...
I’m trying to prove a point to my roommates.
you don’t have to be pansexual to date trans people you don’t have to be pansexual to date trans people you don’t have to be pansexual to date trans people you don’t have to be pansexual to date trans people you don’t have to be pansexual to date trans people
manga mangacap naruto sasuke uchiha sasuke Naruto Shippuuden Masashi Kishimoto naruto manga two sides of the same coin narutographics naruto mangacap mrsjblack he changed thank you naruto
When God calls you to do something, don't give him lame excuses. You don't have to be rich, smart, s...
love mine beautiful perfect gorgeous skinny wonderful true fat word inspirational peace amazing colorful eat weight courage Be yourself positive be you quality flawless inspire kind who you are just the way you are size beyoutiful b(ea)u(t)iful pressure to be perfect
school stress poetry poem spilled ink secret series ey man perfection isn't a real thing and basically at some point you're gonna have to be like 'listen this is who i am take it or leave it i'm maybe not exactly what you hoped for but i don't think anyone could be' 'im human deal with it'
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parks and recreation no one seems to grasp this concept but it will be fun but i don't want to but you have nothing to do i don't want to
Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I'm not perfect and I don't live to be. But, before you...
- Bob Marley
I think I have found the perfect gif to summarize the SPN fandom's relationship with SPN
my gifs q tom hiddleston Thor loki because you always want what you can't have don't you and if you can't have it no one can you just wanted to be the son of odin to be thor's equal to be worthy of the throne whether you had it or not but at the end of the day you were just another stolen relic locked up there until odin might have use of you you could never have been who you wanted to be no matter what you did because you were born the son of laufey and will always be the son of laufey (JFC THE AMOUNT OF TIMES THAT SECOND GIF ERRORED DURING UPLOAD) (SMACK THIS BITCH UP)
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I read Moviefone's Girl's Guide to 'The Avengers' So You Don't Have To
Hey, did you know that girls are DUMB? Moviefone does! They wrote a really super specific GIRL’S GUIDE TO ‘THE AVENGERS.’  Girls, we know you’re just going to this movie because your boyfriend wants to see it. I mean, we drag them to romcoms and chick flicks all the time, it&...
my gif jared leto ugh happy birthday BIRTHDAY BOY i will pass the speach with feelings because i'm not good with that now i'm gonna sit and wait for all of your perfect gif sets swear to god next year i'll start with this on summer maybe i will have enough time then since every year i have my exam period when it's his bday so i don't have time to make perfect set 42 my ass
You don't have to justify your body.
If you’re thin, you don’t have to say ‘but I eat all the time!’/’I have a fast metabolism!’ If you’re fat, you don’t have to say ‘it’s genetic!’/’I’m trying to lose weight!’ You don’t need to explain to anybody...
once upon a time lana parrilla Regina Mills but you know ouatedit AND I DON'T KNOW reginamillsedit I have to idea this is for you mariana and to you face is pretty bless face
anna they are perfect i love them frozen so perfect so there but I AM kristoff kristanna I shouldn't be using a hanna song
1k * supernatural castiel spnedit don't be surprised if i end up posting two other versions of this gif ok i have major issues deciding what coloring to go with ok ok ignore also i don't know if anybody wants to be tagged in my gifs? if so then hit me up and i'll tag you ok cool holy crap this post got a lot of notes really fast