• you know what you did to me •
No. No. You just wait a FUCKING SECOND. What the fuck did you just call me? WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JU...
You’re going to be the last person I think of on New Years Eve, I promise. I will laugh and I will raise my glass. (this is to lovin...
me fall out boy Patrick Stump my songs know what you did in the dark
  • <b>Int:</b> What is the meaning behind the song "me"?<p><b>Matty Healy:</b> That song is very personal. I wasn't necessarily in that state of mind when I wrote that song. It's a very reflective song. I mean, it's about guilt, isn't it? 'Don't you mind? Don't you mind?' of course they mind. Everything that I said, I did all those things, which are not good things. A lot of people connect to that song. It's a song about guilt, it's a sad song, but it's also one of my favorites.<p>
gif into the wild m graduation season 5 Season 4 Damon x Elena catch me if you can After School Special i know what you did last summer tvdedit delenaedit yoooo you've been waiting for this set for 4 years dont even lie to me
1k edits supernatural sam winchester Season 4 spnedit 4x09: i know what you did last summer by anna spncapsedits
I don’t care how small your fandom is there is ALWAYS art of that one Durarara ending
mine we know what you did there niall
me selca FOR THAT ANON oMG BTW I LITERALLY JUST FINISHED CITY HUNTER WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE NOW IT WAS SO INTENSE did you know that ive kept the same icon for almost a year now
cute fob fall out boy Patrick Stump go on yeahsomylife my songs know what you did in the dark try and tell me this isn't adorable no this isnt edited im sorry it was just so cute i had to ok
1k 5k 10k anna frozen elsa I don't know what I'm doing with my life anymore Did you make all these things yourself Forgive me Brittney Lee
You know what your problem is? You get attached, fast. And once you're attached to someone, you do e...
  • 8.17:Dean gets beaten to near-death by Castiel.
  • 8.18:Dean refuses to talk about his feelings regarding Castiel to even his brother, his closest friend.
  • 8.19:Dean leaves himself completely defenceless against Angels, including Castiel, who nearly just killed him, so that Castiel can always come home.
first time in a while that i will know where my boys are tonight
You Me At Six josh franceschi chris miller dan flint matt barnes max helyer marinagifs DID U KNO I AM CRYIN br33illidan josh is pizza djing with a gas mask on i don't even know what to say
doctor who Eleven river song my gifs: dw dwedit otp: hello sweetie rd edit well I don't know what else did you expect when I cry you have to cry with me of course
Ryeowook : I got diary as my birthday gift, I dont know why but Kyuhyun keep on? making fun of me in...
my gifs mine the hobbit fili kili thorin oakenshield my king i'm sorry Durin family hobbitedit botfa dvdscr botfa spoilers I'M SORRY OK? botfaspoilers th movies little lion dwarf little dwarf prince (i know i said that i would wait for the official hd version but this idea suddenly came to me and i wanted to gif something and...) and WHY DID YOU HAVE TO SAY THAT THORIN? god he didn't even know what happened to kili kili never knew what happened later to thorin and fili OH FILI NO
1k justin bieber MY EDIT beliebers i know it looks terrible