• you scratch my back •
batman dc dick grayson my photosets bruce wayne the new batman adventures Nightwing i always loved this scene you scratch my back
gif LOL dog gifs animals cute kid boy
gif animals dogs
The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Kyon Haruhi Suzumiya Yuki Nagato my gifs[2] edit: anime nagato yuki Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu
nintendo 3ds mcdonald's super smash bros. Wii U happy meal ssb4 happy meal mascot
mine *** lyrics MY EDIT stage tattoos Bring Me The Horizon scratch ninadropdead can you feel my heart
homestuck doc scratch mau5head quick costume test run just need my gloves to arrive and owen's fantastic bow tie!! might need to get different shoes too but shh you can't see them here
  • before:WOW MEENAH IS AN ASSHOLE i feel so sorry for her friends
  • after:WOW THESE PEOPLE ARE ASSHOLES i feel so sorry for meenah
gif Seungri Big Bang gdragon daesung taeyang t.o.p Fantastic Baby what do i do with my life watch out taeyang will scratch you top is such a handsome kitty as always kitty edits
my gifs homestuck gamzee doc scratch lil cal bec noir lord english upd8 the condesce caliborn place your bets who's the final villain you can put Hussie up there too
my gifset angel the series wesley wyndam pryce Cordelia Chase gifset:ats wesley x cordelia ats edit i love the fact it was wesley who witnessed most of cordy's rants scratch the surface and what do you find? more surface ughh i love youuu
travel map World Map world scratch map scratch map
moi legend of korra tahno tahorra tahnorra i just really wanted to make a dumb one also when you get to the point where you're actually drawing parts from scratch it's probably time to stop
homestuck ancestors karkat vantas TW homestuck trolls Homestuck update The Signless The Sufferer pre-scratch trolls pre-scratch ancestors pre-scratch kankri A6I3 69ner Double Blah HOLY SHIT THIS GOTTA HAPPEN fuckass miyotora
  • karkat:says eleven words
  • entire fandom:breaks down
  • entire fandom:throws things
  • entire fandom:burns buildings
  • entire fandom:screeches inhumanly
  • entire fandom:launches self into the sun
my little pony dj pon3 vinyl scratch equestria girls rainbow rocks
depressed depression sad lonely alone i miss you best friend crying cry angry need miss need you sadness left depressing Missing forgotten left behind loneliness i need you gone abandoned two faced depressive Fake Friends I needed you fake friend worst year ever worst years of my life
cosplay my little pony mlp dj pon3 vinyl scratch DJ Pon-3
homestuck andrew hussie my artwork doc scratch homestuck gif