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my gifs arrow oliver queen Stephen Amell your face. worst
matthew goode worst face
best vs worst
Aries at their best: cheery, laughs a lot, talks to people they usually don’t, tries to spread laughterAries at their worst: passive aggressive/aggressive, dismissive, exclusive, irritable, prone to ranting and jealousyTaurus at their best: agreeable/easy to talk to, offers to help you a lot, is goo...
* Jensen Ackles *edit spnedit edit: Jensen your face is the WORST jibcon13 bowlegschester garthed jnsenackles
1k * new girl Nick Miller *gifs Jake Johnson gif:ng ngedits gif:request crying over your face in a second gif:nick jackieburkhrt i would tell nick i loved him especially if he looked at me like that this is the best/worst thing i've ever had to gif
1k * wow hng yato nora* atashi no gif noragami pero odio como quedo esto necesito una buena version yato ayudame still i love seeing your pretty face taisetsuna also it's late and dark so this probably looks worst than what it's supposed to pero bueno... si mañana es decir mas tarde lo veo muy feo lo borro uwu
1k your face sir Outlander Jamie Fraser outlanderedit mine [9] my gifs [5] it doesn't even matter what he's saying my body is scREAMING I AM READY and that's all i hear because fUKC IT IS THE WORST AND I HATE IT PLS LEAVE (this is the most important post i've ever made btw)
gif Harry Styles ugh seriously look at that face gorgeous boy the way he smiles when singing is the worst dimples and cheeky
justin bieber *** ):
justin bieber *** candids
my gifs MY EDIT divergent tobias eaton tris prior divergentedit this was fun to gif yo
*** shinee jonghyun queued s* 10things
my gif disney 10k again frozen technically Disneyedit elsa *GROSS SOBBING* frozen spoilers frozenedit this is actually the worst because she has to relive her sister's death two times with the knowledge that it's all her fault also again the touching thing elsa cradling anna's face with her hands because only in death can she touch the most precious person in the whole world to her don't touch meeee
Ted didn’t move on, why should we?
I wanna see what everyone looks like
reblog and tag your worst school year
edit jyj jaejoong no your face your face omg edit:jaejoong I'M... (T_____T)!!!!!!!!!!
Personal tapestry grateful dead Steal your face grateful dead tapestry skull your face
photo wtf phone the sims creepy shit spooky the end is near spoopy the face makes it the worst