• your fave is alive and well •
gif original gotedit shireen baratheon asoiafedit by nat your fave is alive and well
Your fave is problematic: Ben Wyatt
sherlock sherlock holmes jude law robert downey jr ! k sh new edit jan LOLOLOLOLOLOL this is my fave sherlock and will always be my fave i cried so badly in the movie theatres when this happened holy cow it was not cool i cried like three times i was like what am i doing lisa get your shit together you're in a public place oh yeah and i think jude law is the prettiest man alive oh wait but theres tom
is fergie still alive and if so is she doing well
taylor swift mama swift ts1989 blank space BECKY IS ALIVE AND WELL blank space experience
My art feels ace one piece luffy ASL sabo dadan opgraphics I'm a bit late fuu and Yeah Ace gave Dadan her own booze Dadan is my fave OP mom well I love every OP mom except Sabo's I guess I like this format for Dadan comics I think I'm gonna keep it o^o well hope you had a great day with your moms! c: *runsaway to do homework OTL*
Racism is a fool mike brown ferguson michael brown Darren WIlson racism is alive and well in 2014 and anyone who denies it
your fave is problematic: andy dwyer
once forgot to brush his teeth for five weeksdidn’t actually sell his last car, just forgot where he parked itdoesn’t know who Al Gore is and at this point is too afraid to askdoesn’t know what the other 98% is in 2% milkwhen he was a baby his head was so big they did experiments on himonce threw be...
your fave is problematic: aang
although his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he’s ready to save anyone
holy shit 2pac Tupac tupac shakur alive random tagging for lelz
your fave is problematic:
Your fave is petty
Drake:Dropped a surprise mixtape Posted it on soundcloud for free firstThen posted it on itunesDeleted it from soundcloudMixtape turned out to be a bunch of reject songs so it can count as his 4th album meaning he can be released from Cash MoneyNever wrote a song about how it felt to be shot on Degr...
harry potter POA hp hpedit sphgif fightingsomany raise your hand if poa!harry is your fave harry (idk if he's my fave but he's for sure the hottest) and yes i haven't posted in a long time i'M SORRY
Your fave is problematic: Elizabeth Bennet
Not handsome enough to tempt those who are in no humor to give consequence to young ladies slighted by other men Not a great reader Will undoubtedly pollute the shades of Pemberley My goodness did you see her hem
Your Fave is Problematic: Me
-Does not need anymore mugs-Bought another mug
telling your watson you're alive
expectation: reality: