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native american Opinion news environment oil pipeline indigenous native americans identities missouri river dakota access pipeline
girls rainbow random fashion jeans hipster vintage photograph boho young indie moon Grunge acid psychedelic stars soul Clothes teens pastel Alternative youth planets American Apparel rad gypsy pale aesthetic acne studios
* shadowhunters shadowhunters cast matthew daddario
Illustration art Black and White surrealism surreal ali Abstract abstract art artists on tumblr illustrators on tumblr Cross Connect crossconnectmag nadhir nor
I’m so proud of Seijou. Wish it could’ve been different for them but failure doesn’t erase the progress they’ve made. It doesn’t erase that Oikawa is a great captain who believes in his team who believes in him back, wholeheartedly. It doesn’t erase that Oikawa didn’t cower in front of “natural tale...
Team Youth (Mashup)
Lorde vs. Troye Sivan 
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Illustration art popular life painting design featured book books autism Abstract culture abstract art paintings wordsnquotes iris grace
music omg youth im crying troye sivan @troyesivan
aesthetic: troye sivan surrounded by pastel colours and pretty boys
star wars Back to the Future marty mcfly star wars fun luke skywalke thirsty bstrd
art summer Los Angeles california beach sunset LA miami NY glitch palms glitch art aesthetics vaporwave naif youth
film television sanaa lathan Empire michael b. jordan Straight Outta Compton creed scandal the perfect guy Bessie naacp image awards american crime Blackish Beasts of No Nation NAACP15
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me vex Mickey Mod vex ashley Erika Lust xconfessions
Remember Atlah Worldwide Church in Harlem? The church that wrote “Jesus Would Stone Homos” and other anti-LGBT messages on its marquee?They racked up over a million dollars in unpa...
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