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  • Aries Expectation:Fierce ram, will fuck u up, is hella brave
  • Aries Reality:Is a sheep with oversized horns and was bullied and is trying to overcompensate
  • Taurus Expectation:Loyal bull
  • Taurus Reality:Cow that is too lazy to betray you
  • Gemini Expectation:Super smart, super intelligent, can and will slay you.
  • Gemini Reality:Has abandonment issues and an identity crisis every month
  • Cancer Expectation:Mother bear and reliable and strong
  • Cancer Reality:Emotional wreck
  • ...
Aries — ripping off the band-aid, waking through a forest, being center stage, police sirens, fingernails tapping against a desk, boil...
LOL sky leo my post nature cancer aries libra zodiac pics pisces taurus gemini virgo scorpio sagittarius capricorn aquarius weather all signs sorry for the shitty editing im quite out of practice also my allergies are through the roof and im half dying also lmk if this has been done thx
  • aries:can be very soft, emotional. sometimes doubt themselves. feel unwanted, unloved. they are without a doubt strong people but sometimes they just need someone to make them feel alright again. cry over people who hurt them in the past sometimes. never really forget what others did to them.
  • taurus:overprotective and jealous because they doubt themselves as a partner. sometimes they feel not good enough. can get angry over little things. when in rage they may say things they don't really mean and regret later. focused on their goals so much that they are about to give them up after a little failure.
  • gemini:can be mean and bitter when hurt. wouldn't admit they're hurt. ignore people because they don't know how to express themselves sometimes. overthink things and panic. it takes them a lot of time to regain their strength. they look for a home in other people. they often feel misunderstood.
  • cancer:they can be hard as a rock. they give second chances but they know exactly that giving a third chance is foolish. they won't hurt those who hurt them but they will make sure the people who did them wrong know what they did. is normally a dreamy romantic but they have an iron skin to hide in when it all gets too much.
  • leo:sometimes they feel powerless, as if something was sucking their energy out of them. challenges that seem impossible can bring them to their knees. sometimes their "roar" is a soft, whispering voice. their pride can make them roar incredibly loud though. if they feel like you make fun of them you'll get to see their teeth and this is not how you want to experience them.
  • virgo:sometimes they are mean on purpose, hurt on purpose. they may try to control others emotionally. they do this to be let alone or to make someone stay. sometimes they feel lonely and down. they also create little worlds where they hide then. they can have problems with saying or even knowing what they want and it confuses them and makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • libra:they doubt themselves a lot. they sometimes feel like the failed first try of a painting. sometimes they are not as kind as nomally, sometimes they explode. they never forget what they deserve and they will do anything to get what they want. they use their elbows to get people out of their way if it's needed.
  • scorpio:they sometimes feel things they don't understand and it makes them feel depressed. sometimes they feel like no one on this planet is made to understand them. sometimes they regret things so much that they hate themselves for making those mistakes. it takes them a ot of strength to seem as strong as they are.
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the signs, yo
Aries: Funniest rants, trust me; Seems like a badass, but they’re harmless until you seriously piss them off; Do not piss them off, their limits are usually reasonable and they will fight you; Unafraid to act, especially to defend you; Always thinking about what’s coming up next; Great at starting p...
  • Stop Sign:Strict
  • Speed Limit Sign:Cautious
  • One Way Sign:Stubborn
  • Yield Sign:Shy
  • Keep Out Sign:Secretive
the "god/goddess" squad
Capricorn, Taurus, Aries, Libra, Cancer, Virgo
the signs as dogs
aries -  siberian huskytaurus - corgigemini - irish settercancer - beagleleo - dalmatianvirgo - labrador retrieverlibra - miniature dachshundscorpio - shiba inusagittarius - rottweilercapricorn - german shepherdaquarius - bernese mountain dogpisces - samoyed
  • scary but cute:scorpio, cancer, aries
  • nice but rude:leo, libra, gemini
  • blunt but shady:sagittarius, aquarius, scorpio
  • weird but cool:virgo, pisces, capricorn
  • confident but insecure:gemini, leo, capricorn
  • friendly but shy:taurus, virgo, cancer
  • awkward but smooth:leo, aquarius, aries
  • honest but reserved:scorpio, libra, pisces
  • ...
  • Aries:Laughter
  • Taurus:Strength
  • Gemini:New friendship
  • Cancer:Self confidence
  • Leo:Excitement
  • Virgo:Romance
  • Libra:Inner peace
  • ...
The ‘Ho don’t do it....oh my god’ squad
Ho don’t do it: Taurus, cancer, capricorn, libra, aquarius, piscesDoes it: Aries, sagittarius, scorpio, leo, virgo, geminiOh my god: Taurus, cancer, capricorn, libra, aquarius, pisces
  • Aries:still single
  • Taurus:still hungry
  • Gemini:still bitchy
  • Cancer:still a mess
  • Leo:still loud
  • Virgo:still tired
  • Libra:still broke
  • Scorpio:still sad
  • ...
leo cancer aries libra horoscopes pisces taurus gemini virgo scorpio sagittarius capricorn aquarius pay attention to me lol HORRORscopes
the "accidental five hour nap" squad
taurus, cancer, libra, pisces, leo, scorpio
How the signs respond to “I love you”
Aries- I love you MORE Taurus- …really? Gemini- I love… cake. Cancer- for how long? Leo-  Well, why wouldn’t you? Virgo- Thank you Libra- I have to pee. Scorpio- Mhm Sagittarius- No, I love YOUUUUU Capricorn- I know. Aquarius- What even is love? Pisces- Huh?
  • Aries:Swimming pools, cold drinks in the summer. Hazy orange-yellow sunsets, passionate kisses. Hair touching, long car rides with friends, watching the sunrise. Long naps, yelling along to music.
  • Taurus:Secluded forests, slight breezes that sway tall grass. Long, meaningful text messages, chipped nail polish, the smell of the ocean. Having the music at full volume and drowning out the rest of the world.
  • Gemini:Long car rides alone, windows down, loud music. Poetry, typewriter clicks. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts. The color black and navy blue, the smell after the rain. Existentialism, looking at stars.
  • Cancer:Long, warm hugs. Hand holding, kept secrets and light-hearted jokes. The color blue, dogs, wild flowers that grow in your backyard. The smell of new books, and the sound of an old piano.
  • Leo:Clean sheets, sleeping in late. Sunlight pouring into your room. Stretching, the smell of chocolate chip pancakes. CD's and clothes everywhere, intimacy. Bonfires, exotic beaches, and slightly out-of-tune guitars.
  • Virgo:Freckles, musical theatre, live performances. Harmonic singing, late night phone calls. Raspy morning voices, vanilla, and running until you're out of breath. Art museums, dancing, dark circles under your eyes. Foreign countries and languages, dogs.
  • Libra:Smiling between kisses, art galleries, paint-stained clothing. The sound of the harp. Graphite, the smell of coffee. Kept promises, swimming, and colliding hugs. Intertwined fingers, cats, crying, and the smell of burning wood in the wintertime.
  • Scorpio:Comfortable silence, nature, relaxation, being home. Thinking, being with family, the color green. Intelligence, old books, and the calming hum of a car engine. Camping, imperturbability.
  • ...
  • Aries:generally loud. opinionated. affectionately calls their friends assholes and probably has drugs. hilarious, but not someone you want to cross.
  • Taurus:sweet. kind of gossipy but loyal to their friends. tries very hard, somewhat easy to walk over. is crafty and probably likes cooking.
  • Gemini:fuckin chatterbox. absolute genius, seems to hate everyone. sort of mentally distant. is probably smarter than you.
  • Cancer:very nice, but changes moods very quickly. hates getting called out or picked on. usually has a well established friend group and eats a lot.
  • Leo:popular, charismatic. more perceptive than they let on. kind to their friends, but can raise hell if you piss them off. loyal.
  • Virgo:hardworking, stickler for detail. is in multiple fandoms. can't let topics go in conversation and likes colored skinny jeans. most likely has dimples.
  • Libra:queen bee. social, flighty, and talkative. great at making people feel special. started saying "swag" and "yolo" ironically and can't stop.
  • Scorpio:closed book. expressive eyes. is outgoing but somehow not quite part of things. best resting bitch face, eye rolls 5ever.
  • ...
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